Film Series

“Series” film is a two or more sections metallization film, in which sections are separated lengthways by a non-metallized margin, resulting in a winding equivalent to the series combination of multiple capacitors. n-order series film metallization allows to increase the nominal capacitor’s voltage by n times, given constant polypropylene’s thickness. This makes it possible to manufacture capacitors capable of working in high voltage environments with reliable bonds and better life expectancy. This type of metallization is achieved by insert additional free edges in the middle of the active area. Odd film classes are composed, as is the case with standard films, of a pair of bobbins of equal dimension but of opposite metallization. Even film classes are composed of bobbins pair of different size and, in most cases, of different metallization. Even film’s classes are de facto made of two separate products and we design and manufacture them on customers’ request. We produce series film of any order and with any metallic profile, within the available ones. We are proud to say we have always been able to satisfy all of our customers’ products requests.


High level supplier and manufacturer of metallized film for standard and special capacitors.


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