So-called “security type” metallization incorporates fuse elements sensible to electrical current peaks. By segmenting metallization, it is possible to limit it to specific rhomboidal and rectangular patterns, separated by non-metallized lanes. These are connected through obligatory paths which act as fuses. This mechanism makes it is possible to limit the disruptive effects of self-healing. Indeed, healing is confined within a specific section which remains isolated from the others, thanks to the fuse intervention, resulting therefore in the ability of the capacitors to maintain optimal dielectric properties. A key element for the correct fuse efficiency is the skill of controlling real-time geometrical dimension and metal deposition quantity. We manufacture print patterns with a tenth of millimeter control dimensions and with a tolerance of hundredths of millimeter. Metal quantity deposition is controlled during the entire metallization cycle thanks to sophisticated latest generation optical systems. Patterns variety is limited only by our customers’ creativity.


High level supplier and manufacturer of metallized film for standard and special capacitors.


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