FILMET "ZINC ALLOY" is a high vacuum metallized film obtained by composition of aluminium + zinc + (silver).

This film exalts the particular characteristics of aluminium and zinc, avoiding the most restrictive aspects of the single elements.

Mainly the success of this metallized film is due to its special quality and its electrical and mechanical performances.

Metallizing process take place by, simultaneously evaporating, from separate sources, the metals that condense on the film. The final deposit is a compound: aluminium provides to increase the anchorage of the metallization on film and prevention of oxidation for the zinc external layer, zinc for his own special qualities exalts the capacitor's life.

Principal characteristics of this film are:

  1. high self healing
  2. high electric contact due to spraying
  3. no decrease of capacitance even on the long run use
  4. cost saving and compactness of the capacitor
The self healing occurs easily, because FILMET's "ZINC ALLOY" owns a specific surface resistance of the metallized layer, which can be fixed to a high value (5-10 W/mm2).

FILMET "ZINC ALLOY" is composed of three essential parts: un-metallized margin, a central part with metallization which constitutes the capacity and a metallized re-enforced margin where spraying will be effected for the contact.

The metallized layer of FILMET "ZINC ALLOY" will not decrease capacitance to the capacitors: these results are confirmed by periodic life-tests on capacitors. At the same conditions, "ZINC ALLOY" performance are superior by 30% to 40% as compared to aluminium.

FILMET "ZINC ALLOY" is made, with the same electrical and mechanical performance, using a thinner film. This mean less weight and less encumbrances of the winding elements and consequently, economic savings.

The figure shows, using thinner metallized film the customer will obtain mainly two advantages; the most important is weight and the second is diameter. For the diameter every customer's choice is deeply influenced by their own particular line of products, but for the weight the good choice of an alternative metallized film will carry a competitive cost advantage on each micro farad.

Practical Weight Classification

Classification by film thickness
Fig.1 - Practical Weight Classification by Film Thickness.